Taupe Nails

Over the past few years, nail polish trends have reminded us a bit of our adolescence: dramatic and insistent on making a statement. There was the dark and moody moment back in 2006 (when OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark appeared on everyone's fingers), the hyper faze of mid-2008 (with neon nails galore, thanks to Essie's fluorescent collection), and, most recently, the non-conformist moment of this past fall, when an ultra unorthodox hue (jade green) was all the rage. But after this wild and turbulent ride, it seems that things are slowly starting to calm down. That's right, the colour that's taking manicures by storm right now is subtler and more sophisticated that past polishes and is definitely one to start wearing now: taupe!

While it's not as immediately eye-catching as some of the aforementioned shades, this mushroom-esque hue is instantly intriguing. The reason is simple: this unique and earthy tone is the perfect complement to spring's biggest trends. After all, a neutral nail is the perfect partner to the season's soft clothing colours

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