Brunette For Fall

We at WhoWhatWearDaily have a sneaking feeling that we're in full-tilt fall. This deft realisation came to us when we noticed the changing colours-not of the palm trees outside our office window but of the locks parading out of salons around town. It seems that starlets are taking their style cues from the disappearing sun and are going brunette for fall. We know why it's all the rage. Image of Ashley Olsen, courtesy of www.x17online.comFor some ladies, the dusky tresses can be chalked up to boredom but for others it's a matter of vanity. According to our delightful mane man Kristoff Ball at Chris McMillan, many of the recent non-blondes are trying to get their hair healthy. "So many women in Hollywood have extensions," opines Mr. Ball. "Unfortunately this can ruin your hair. Consequently, many are returning to their natural colour to give their hair a break. The dark dye fills up the damaged hair shaft with pigment, making it immediately look full and healthy." Another benefit is that a few months of darker tresses allows for several inches of healthy, new re-growth. Then, when one wants to put in extensions again, the hair near the root is strong enough to stand the weight of the faux pieces. So who's doing hair rehab and who was just hankering for a change? We'll never tell...

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