"Pantashoes" Are a Thing and They're Already Sold Out

Lauren Eggertsen

Style du Monde

Is it a shoe? Is it a pant? No, it's Balenciaga's "pantashoes." This newly coined product name took the brand's iconic spandex boots (pictured above) and turned them into a total boot/pant hybrid. The pantashoes are a part of Balenciaga's 53-piece capsule collection offered exclusively on Net-a-Porter, and despite their polarising qualities and rather high price point, not one but both styles have officially sold out. 

While we thought pantashoes might be a product that would take some getting used to, the shoppers on Net-a-Porter were clearly ready to dive right in. The hook we're assuming sold them is this: "Styling them is easy—thanks to the in-built 'Knife' boots, you only need to think about top layers," explains Net-a-Porter. So I guess if you're tired of putting together shoe-and-pant combinations, then pantashoes are for you. Also, being obsessed with wearing skinny jeans and stiletto boots might warrant a pantashoe obsession. Ask me to say pantashoe one more time. 

The below pairs are sold out as mentioned above, but since we know you're dying to see what this new product creation looks like, check out both styles.

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