How Women Are Actually Wearing This Cool Hat Trend

Anna LaPlaca

Have you ever seen a trend start to trickle into your Instagram feed, gain momentum, and then suddenly appear everywhere? Even more likely, have you ever seen such a fashion phenomenon occurring right before your eyes and think to yourself I don't think I'll ever pull that off? Us, too. We see so many trends that we love in theory but can't imagine outside of that theoretical space, actually manifesting IRL in our closets.

I think this is due in part to a desire to have everything you wear be defined by whatever personal style you've set out to achieve. Consider yourself a minimalist? It's likely you're not wearing mixed prints. Maybe you self-describe as a classic person sartorially. Well, we're guessing you shy away from anything Balenciaga is putting down its runways. Moral of the story is, you never know you'll like something until you try it out.

For us, one of these trends is baker boy hats. The retro-inspired topper had a major comeback this year, with designers showing the coolest leather, checkered and corduroy versions. On models and It girls, the look was covetable, but we still found ourselves wary of how it would look on us. Thankfully, we have the most stylish community of WWW readers who also love testing out the styles of the season. So we're taking notes from all of you on how to accessorize with an of-the-moment baker boy hat.

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