You'd Be Surprised at the Average Cost of a Wedding Dress in Australia


Grace Loves Lace

When it comes to planning a wedding, "budget" is an important word that's often thrown around the most. But in any given country and culture, there is a universal desire every bride feels to have a unique and personal touch to their chosen dress. While we can agree it's completely down to personal choice, it's always insightful to see how much women are actually spending on their wedding dress. We threw the question over to Wendy El-Khoury, director of Wedded Wonderland, and it was apparent to her that Australian brides are spending, on average, $4200 on a dress. Interestingly, El-Khoury also told us, "Brides have doubled their average budget on their wedding dress." 

In regards to what Australian brides are looking to spend that money on, a survey conducted by Wedded Wonderland found it was more common than not that brides who recently purchased a designer/ready-made wedding dress embellished it with 3D elements, including beads and dyed flowers. "Brides want something a little unique for their day. Many are opting for designer/ready-to-wear gowns and adding their own little signature twist, whether it be a custom veil, cape, or crown," adds El-Khoury.

With endless designers, labels, and boutiques to shop from, there can be an understated pressure to choose the "perfect" dress. The most important piece of advice is to have a clear budget before you shop and avoid trying on designer gowns that are clearly out of that budget. No matter the price, there are an abundance of beautiful dresses out there. 

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Opening image: Grace Loves Lace