The Autumn Shoes We're Already Getting Compliments On

Allyson Payer

We've never been more ready to swap our sandals out for a pretty pair of autumn shoes. Although the season has barely begun, we've been talking about this season's shoe trends for months, so are you surprised that we've already been wearing (or at least buying) them? And we're here to share with you the spring shoes we get compliments on (we, meaning us Who What Wear editors).

There's perhaps no greater affirmation that a purchase was a successful one than a compliment, and we're proud to say that some of our favourite shoe purchases have already received high praise, meaning we'll be wearing them on repeat this season. And as a testament to how different our aesthetics are, our picks run the gamut from kitten heels with an edge to slouchy yellow boots. Feel free to copy us by shopping our picks below—we're confident that you'll get compliments too. 

We wish you a season full of shoe compliments, too.

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