The Outfit Combo You Can Wear on Repeat This Autumn

Michelle Scanga

We have Giorgi Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio–the masterminds behind Attico—to thank for this autumn's coolest outfit combination. Ever since the Italian duo launched their covetable line, we've seen a particular look circulating the fashion scene. The street style stars make for a powerful design team and have created an Attico vibe that everyone wants to wear right now. One of the key items from the line is a statement wrap/robe style piece that you can pretty much wear as a top, dress, or jacket.

The luxurious satin robe (or something inspired by the Attico style), when paired with jeans and a simple top, makes for not only an incredibly chic look but an outfit combination you can wear on repeat this season. See the inspiration below, and keep reading to check out the autumn outfit idea below.

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