10 Leather Jacket Outfits You Haven't Seen Yet

Alongside staples like ankle boots and vintage denim, the leather jacket is one of those pieces we're pretty sure we'll always have in our closets. I'm not sure about you, but my leather jacket is the one piece I can throw on to make even a mediocre outfit look cool. There's no denying its overarching sartorial relevance, but even if you own and cherish yours, there's always a little room for new ways to style the classic.

Just when we thought we were stuck wearing the same few outfits with our leather jackets, this season's offering is putting so many fresh ideas in our heads about how the jacket can fit into our current outfit rotation. Before you go any further, though, we should warn you that the following outfits show no traces of the typical moto jacket style you might be used to. Instead, brilliant colours, fun new styles, and unexpected textures are what have us excited to rethink our leather jackets. Ready to embrace all the new season has to offer?

Between pretty colours and luxe finishes, this season's crop of leather jackets are putting a unique stamp on the style staple—and we can't wait to get in on the fun.