The Coolest Bags to Buy for Autumn—Before They Sell Out


Shot by Gio

While the days of strict fashion rules are over—for example, wearing white before Memorial Day—there’s something nice about a set date to mark the welcome shift in your autumn wardrobe. When you’re making the transition from summer to autumn, it can feel like a particularly sweet moment. After all, autumn signals new beginnings––and in this case, a newly organised handbag.

With that being said, every season there are a few bag styles that seem to take over both runway and street style. Out of nowhere (or so it seems), editors and influencers are seen toting the same chic styles around––from PVC and stamped texture to top-handles and beaded styles. We’ve been sweet on these styles for a while now, so scoop up these up before they sell out.

Try out one of these editor-approved handbags for spring, but choose quickly––these will sell out fast.

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