Everyone at New York Fashion Week Wishes They Were Australian Right Now

While New York Fashion Week is in full swing, it’s fair to say that for those of us not located in New York City, it can feel a bit... distant. Literally. Especially all the way from Australia, where our seasons are opposite to our style-sisters overseas, New York fashion can tend to feel a little misplaced.

Granted, Fashion Week street style does provide us with great inspiration for what to wear in the coming seasons—but it can be hard to put this into perspective when we’re still in our last month of summer. After all, who can say whether or not the trends we’re seeing this week will still feel exciting come winter?

So, needless to say, we were more than excited to see a number of Australian designers show up to Fashion Week in the best way possible. With Alice McCall presenting for the first time at NYFW followed by Dion Lee the same day, New York City began to get a taste of Aussie fashion.

If there was any doubt about the trends we're bringing overseas, Zimmermann’s day five show confirmed that Australian designers deserve a spot in the international style scene. Drawing the attention of trendsetters, both Australian and otherwise, these shows were definitely successful, garnering attention from the likes of Victoria Lee, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Hart, and Katie Holmes to name a few.

To see some of the best moments from these Australian designers New York Fashion Week presentations, keep scrolling:


Alice McCall

Dion Lee