I Haven't Shopped on ASOS in a Year, But Click Frenzy Lured Me Back

Amanda Bardas

It's been about a year since I've shopped on ASOS, not for any reason in particular other than I think I forgot just how good it can be for either basics or a trend hit. Today's Click Frenzy sale (where the retailer is offering 30% off everything for those in Australia and New Zealand with the code CLICK30) has lured me back in a big way. 

I've spent the past year making more conscious decisions with my shopping—opting to buy pieces I know I will wear for years to come in order to reduce my contribution to landfill. But I think I know my style well enough now to shop pieces I'll have extended wear out of, and if not, I'll pass them on to someone who will love them more, or re-sell at a market stall.

ASOS can be a bit of a behemoth to trawl, but my expert curation is here to help you. Below, you'll find the best pieces to shop at 30% off during this year's Click Frenzy sale

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