You've Never Seen This Version of The Nutcracker Before

We're really in the thick of the holiday season now. That means plenty of party dress shopping and finding the best presents for your loved ones. Well, one of our favourite retailers is here to help, with a campaign to fuel all our winter inspiration.

Aritzia's new holiday video is the fashion-girl version of ballet you never dreamed could exist. The campaign features model Andreea Diaconu dancing around in a slew of glittery party looks to "The Dance of the Reed Flutes" from The Nutcracker, but we're willing to bet you've never heard the song like this before. It was exclusively mixed for the video by DJ/model/fashion blogger Callie Reiff, who starred in The Nutcracker herself back in the day, before becoming the hyphenate success she is now at just 16 years old. The track's bouncy beats plus Diaconu's dance moves are sure to put a smile on your face.

Scroll on to watch for yourself!



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Opening Image: Aritzia

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