April Letter From the Editor: Freestyle

Kat Collings

Dear readers,

I’ve been thinking about a question lately: Why is uniform dressing so appealing? My theory is because style is viewed as work. It takes a lot of effort and time to conceive of a fresh, situation-appropriate outfit that is on-trend yet not too trendy and also an accurate representation of every facet of your multi-dimensional self. And to do that every damn day? Exhausting.

But this month, I want to fight the fatigue. Our April theme is freestyle, and our mantra is to rekindle the joy found in expressing your personal style. Let’s reframe style as fun—as fertile ground to experiment and play. We’ll be celebrating a wide range of style expressions and those who don’t subscribe to the trend cycle. With music festival season upon us (always a place where people feel a bit freer to expand their style scope), we’ll be giving a special focus to style in the music industry.

You can look forward to profiles of up-and-coming artists committed to style individuality as well as a feature shoot with rapper Kodie Shane. Additionally, we’ll have a think piece on the death of personal style. Don’t worry, we don’t think it’s actually dead, but we’ll be looking at the undeniable impact of social media on originality, for better or for worse. That and so much more are coming your way this month.

Xx Kat, Editor in Chief

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