The Outfit Anna Wintour Wore Twice in Two Weeks

Aemilia Madden

Anna Wintour may have what is disputably the most important job in fashion, but like the rest of us, she's not afraid to stick the the styles that work for her. With fashion month finally coming to an end, Wintour is wrapping up her final shows in Paris, and rocking an ensemble that may look familiar. Anna made just one simple swap to a work-worthy ensemble she wore in Milan, trading in a black tee for one in white. Otherwards, from her snakeskin boots, to her black and white tweed suit, to her sunglasses, Anna offered up an inspiring lesson in outfit repeating. 

While you might hesitate to wear almost the exact look head-to-toe multiple times over a short period, Anna is proof that when an outfit works, there's nothing wrong with breaking it out again. Here at Who What Wear Australia, we're believers in wearing what makes you feel most comfortable, and if there's a single outfit that does the job, we say go for it.

Read on to see how Anna Wintour wore the same outfit twice! 

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