The Surprising Feature That Will Make Your Heels More Comfortable

Michelle Scanga

It’s safe to say Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist heel has hit icon status in the world of shoes. But the style dubbed “the giving sandal” is more than a flattering red carpet favourite. When designing the Nudist, Weitzman looked beyond the shoe industry to find materials to create an extra sturdy heel. He found titanium to be so solid that “constructing a heel from it is like "walking with an invisible wedge under your foot." And, another surprising feature to note, is the ankle strap placement. According to an interview with InStyle, “The ankle strap, too, serves a purpose. It's placed high up on the ankle for ornamental purposes, but from the back, the strap dips to a location that prevents the foot from sliding forward. Weitzman calls it a "strap that actually works." Intriguing, huh?

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