Nov 28, 2017 Celebrities

What It Was Like to Work With Meghan Markle

by Amanda Stavropoulos

While the world is still recovering from the news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged, we remembered that we have just one degree of separation from the future Royal. Sydney stylist Sadaf Razi (who we often work with), had the incredible experience of working with Markle back in 2015, for Gritty Pretty's Spring 2015 issue.

The shoot came about after Markle contacted Gritty Pretty's founder, Eleanor Pendleton, to reveal she is a fan of the digital Australian beauty magazine. From there, the two met up in New York City over a glass of wine to discuss working together. Pendleton enlisted the help of Razi to bring their shoot to life, and the result was one of Markle's first major fashion editorials.

Today, we asked Razi to look back on that day, and recount her most memorable moments, and reveal what it was like to work with the future princess, keep scrolling!


Christian Blanchard for Gritty Pretty

Who What Wear Australia: What was it like styling Meghan Markle back in 2015?

Sadaf Razi: Back then, she was not yet dating Prince Harry, however I knew she was doing work with the UN and was starring on Suits. As soon as we walked into the hotel her natural beauty was obvious. Living and styling in New York at the time, it was an amazing experience to style a shoot with a celebrity on the streets of New York. She was very sweet to everyone as soon as they walked in, and styling her was seamless process as she loved all her looks. 

WWW: How involved was she with the process?

SR: Well Meghan had actually contacted Eleanor, the founder of Gritty Pretty directly as she is a fan. They met in New York over a glass of wine and the shoot was a result. I was so excited to be on board and style her for GP. She had some ideas about how she wanted the shoot to look and what she did and didn’t want, which was great as it was a collaborative process. Eleanor really wanted to make sure that we captured the essence and energy of New York City. 

WWW: Did she show a keen interest in fashion? Did she mention any brands she loves?

SR: You could tell that she has in instinctive sense of style from the get go. Whilst looking over all the looks she had questions, but she trusted us and the looks that I styled for her. She loved all of the Australian designers. Who wouldn’t? [Markle is pictured above in a Maticevski skirt]

WWW: What did you learn from her?

SR: She was very demure. She was simultaneously sweet and professional at all times, which is a great quality to have. She definitely had a presence about her. Self-assured and knew what she wanted but still very kind and polite. That is something that I respect in another person.

This really translated in the pictures as well. She was very confident in her movement (I guess that comes from her background as an actress) so she didn't need too much direction from the photographer. She moved with ease and grace and you can really see that in the images.

I feel so honoured and proud to have styled a future Royal!

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