The Percentage of Clothes Americans Throw Away Is Actually Insane

Aemilia Madden

There's plenty to love about fast fashion—the price, the accessibility—but there's a major downside: Americans are throwing away a lot of clothing. Every year, we toss out about 85% of our clothes (around 13 million tons), according to PBS. This intimidatingly large number means the vast majority of pieces we own end up accounting for 9% of all waste.

Now, brands Reformation and Live the Process have risen in popularity specifically in part because of their commitment to using recycled textiles. Other retailers like H&M overseas and in Australia have made moves to fight waste, looking into recycling textiles and creating incentives to trade old in for new, but there's still a long way to go. Donating clothes to Goodwill or other nonprofits is the best short-term solution, but over time, we may find that the U.S. will have to shift its shopping habits.

Read on to shop pieces made of recycled textiles from Reformation!

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