This Supermodel Has Something to Say About Being "Too Old" for Miniskirts


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It's high time to throw out those outdated, age-related fashion dictums. And as of late, more and more celebrities have been speaking out against this idea of being "too old" for something. Heidi Klum recently responded to criticism she's faced for modelling lingerie at her age (she's 44, by the way), and now, Amber Valletta (who is also 44) has something to say about being "too old" to wear miniskirts.

The supermodel wrote a "Love Letter to Miniskirts" for British Vogue, wherein she explains how she found the confidence to own the wardrobe staple at her age. In fact, she notes, she wears short skirts more now at 44 than she did at 24.

"I like the simple physical freedom of having my legs out. It feels sexy without trying to be. I love the way Saint Laurent does the mini. The clothes are so empowering, yet feminine and chic. They just feel like me," Valletta writes. "When you put something on, no matter how short, you want to feel comfortable and confident."

She ends the letter on a powerful note, writing, "Someone told me recently about a school of thought that says women over a certain age shouldn't wear miniskirts. I haven't ever heard that and, clearly, I am not listening." Amen to that, Amber.

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