Here's How Our Editors Would Spend $100 on Fashion and Beauty at Amazon

Judith Jones

There are a lot of compliments that swirl around the fashion-forward and beauty-obsessed Who What Wear office. I, for one, am always eager to hear where someone got their nifty little hair accessory or where those cool boots are from, and the same goes with beauty commendations. I’m not afraid to grill a fellow colleague on what she used to get her skin so glowing or her hair so shiny—taking notes of every detail. Admittedly, the response that get me really giddy is when someone exclaims, “It’s from Amazon! Two-day shipping!” Music to my ears because let's face it, there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than the ease of shopping on Amazon—made only better when you find a gem recommended by a trusted friend or colleague.

So with this in mind, I tapped into my fellow editors to see what fashion and beauty items they are currently adding to their carts as well as what they love to buy regularly on Amazon. And because part of the shopping satisfaction is acquiring these treasures at favorable prices—all their picks are under $100. 

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