One Million People Bought These Ridiculously Comfy Sneakers

Aemilia Madden

When the topic of Allbirds sneakers comes up, there's a resounding chorus among my friends. "Comfiest sneakers ever," notes one. "They're like slippers," coos another. But it's not just among my tech-industry friends that Allbirds has earned a reputation as a must-own since its launch two years ago; the brand has sold over 1 million pairs of its signature wool runners.

Now, the brand is once-again re-thinking sneakers, with the introduction of Tree, a new and sustainable style with uppers made entirely of a fabric engineered by the brand using pulp from a Eucalyptus tree. According to Allbirds, the new material uses a fraction of the water and land required for more traditional footwear materials, making it not only innovative but eco-friendly too. And, to top it all off, having been able to test the shoes myself, they're lighter than Allbirds original merino wool style but just as comfortable.

Read on to shop the classic, along with the new Tree Runners, because while they still haven't figured out how to make money grow on trees, they have figured out a pretty cool alternative.

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