Green Outfits Are About to Take Over Your Wardrobe

Get ready for one of the most colorful trends to infiltrate your wardrobe in a long time. That’s right: We’re talking about the monochromatic look that’s begun to take over the fashion ethos—even those who rarely escape the confines of deep black and bright white. While we’re familiar with head-to-toe red, pink, and even blue, we’re taking the opportunity this summer to try out something new. By mixing hues of army, Kelly, lime, and hunter green, we’re going all-out with the non-primary hue and testing the waters on a head-turning trend that is about to rule the fashion world.

We’re turning to some of the most stylish street style stars there are to teach us all a thing or two about one of the boldest trends of the season. Among the fashion set, we’re learning how to dress in all-green outfits while feeling just as at ease as we would if we were wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Key tips to keep in mind are mixing materials, grounding bright tones with those that are more subdued, and opting for classic silhouettes when you’re a little more unsure of the colorful look you’ve slipped into. Suiting, midi dresses, and cropped jackets will aid the transition as a rule, but don’t stop there: Go all-out with minidresses, flight suits, statement tops, and more. Ready to be inspired? Check out the 15 looks below and shop some of our favorite all-green items here.

How will you wear your all-green looks?

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