The New $10 Underwear NYC Girls Are About to Buy in Bulk

Erin Fitzpatrick

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In the luxury designer sphere, basic pieces can, frustratingly, come along with very non-basic prices. But Alexander Wang's upcoming Uniqlo collaboration is not here to trick you into buying overpriced essentials. Refreshingly, the designer's new collection of bodysuits, leggings, bras, underwear, and T-shirts starts at $10 and caps out at $40.

The collab uses Uniqlo's legendary Heattech fabric, which is meant to be your first layer of clothing because it absorbs and retains heat. It's already a staple for fashion girls in cold climates, so the addition of Alexander Wang's cachet practically guarantees sellout status. Mark your calendars: The collection will be available on Uniqlo's website on November 8. In the meantime, scroll down to preview our favourite pieces from the collab and prepare to want to wear it all winter long.

Opening Image: @laurenegg

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