Alexa Chung's Leonardo DiCaprio Story Is Cringe-Worthy

Aemilia Madden

Tom Craig/Porter

Alexa Chung ranks among many women's top style icons, she's funny, has great taste in music, and designs cool clothes. But, it turns out that while cool is a word that most would use to describe Chung, she's still stuck navigating awkward celebrity run-ins. The designer is featured in Porter magazine's spring issue, and along with a chic shoot (in which Chung expertly models her own duds), she opens up about life beyond fashion. Most notably, about the time Leonardo Dicaprio mistook her for a waiter.

She divulges, “A friend tells me to meet her outside our favourite New York club and I think to myself that’s odd, we’re grown-up girls, we normally walk into clubs on our own. So, I’m standing on the pavement smoking a cigarette when I see this Victoria’s Secret model walking towards me, and I think to myself, where there’s a VS model there’s usually… ‘Hey, lovely to meet you, this is Leo,’ she says, gesturing to DiCaprio. And I say, ‘Lovely to meet you too, come on in.’ I’m about to go back to the DJ booth and he’s like: ‘Oh sorry, can I get two vodka cranberries please.’ He thought I was a waitress – that wasn’t how I thought it would go.”

Read on for a look at the shoot and to shop pieces from Chung's line at Net-a-Porter.

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