The Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017, According to Alexa Chung

by Gina Marinelli

“Well, I am fashion-psychic,” Alexa Chung says, sitting in her suite at the Soho House Berlin. She delivers it plain and simple, as though it’s a matter of fact. Yes, it’s a bold statement, but we’re not about to refute it, either. You see, part of the reason we’re sitting down with her is because of a prediction she made back in 2015 and, more so, a fashion item she’s been dedicated to since the age of 19: Uggs.

Check the records. While we’ve been long obsessed with Chung’s printed dresses, vintage tee collection, and messy-chic hair, she’s been chatting about her love for the wildly popular aughts label in interviews and posting proof of it on social media. “I get asked so many style questions about What’s your go-to outfit? and my answer is always skinny jeans, a navy jumper, and Ugg boots. But I don’t think anyone’s been taking that seriously.”

That is, until now. Because as of today, the 32-year-old style muse is sharing her first collaborative project with the comfortable, shearling shoe line: a campaign she art-directed from start to finish.


Ugg; On Alexa Chung: Ugg Ansley ($100)

“The concept of this shoot was authenticity, speaking to how people genuinely wear them and how they can look stylish or funny or anything,” says Chung, who tells us she mostly can be found wearing the Classic II Minis in Chestnut ($180), in case you were wondering. And the final result of this project lives up to that promise. Starring four of Chung’s own friends—poet Cleo Wade, model and writer Anna Z. Grey, musician and creative director Brianna Lance, and model Coco Baudelle—the Ben Rayner–lensed images are relaxed, cool, and intimate. Plus, they showcase these creative women in everything from boyfriend jeans and striped button-downs to a Jackie O–style pink skirt suit, all paired seamlessly with Uggs in a variety of silhouettes.



“Ugg boots are the only comfortable things in my life,” Chung admits. “I’m really an unrelaxed person. I’m never like Oh, I’ll open some choccy and sit on the sofa and watch a film. I’ve never done that in my entire life.” While Chung may not share our love for lazing about on a Friday night, this philosophy sheds some light on how her creature comforts are mostly found in her closet. For instance, in addition to the Uggs, the pieces that make her feel the best are her co-designed AG jeans, a rotation of navy-blue sweaters, and one particular vintage Ralph Lauren striped shirt that, up until a couple days ago when she was departing from Paris Fashion Week, had been missing for two years. “The Hotel Bristol managed to reunite me,” she shares.

But going back to her clairvoyant traits, predicting a reemergence of Uggs was a given for Chung. “They were so prevalent and so iconic in such a specific moment in time, in the same way that Juicy Couture tracksuits or a band like The Strokes were. It was inevitable that for something that popular and that omnipresent, the next step would be Ah, I hate it! But like all things in fashion, it comes around in cycles. I don’t believe for a second people threw them out of their wardrobe; they just started wearing them behind closed doors.”

I don’t believe for a second people threw them out of their wardrobe; they just started wearing them behind closed doors.

Alexa Chung


Naturally, we were left to wonder how far Chung’s prediction skills could go. After all, she also claims she saw the revival of mules, chokers, and too-long-for-your-limbs sleeves coming before they hit the mainstream. So before we parted from our time together, we asked her to officially predict what fashion’s new obsessions will be within the following year.

When it comes to jeans, she’s confident that “straight-leg, clean, raw denim” will dominate over the wide legs and flares that are au courant.

Alexa Chung

As far as handbags go, Chung says the silhouette will return to a “ruche-y, soft again” design, considering the current obsession with structured top-handle styles. When it comes to jeans, she’s confident that “straight-leg, clean, raw denim” will dominate over the wide legs and flares that are au courant. The ’90s trend that’s had a long run will be replaced by another era: 2001. And as for the next shoes that are about to give our closets a dose of nostalgia (and possibly shock)? She says her money’s on the Converse Suede One Star Sandals. “Watch this space,” she assures us. Again, it’s a bold choice, but considering her track record, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s right on the mark.

For easy reference, follow our handy guide with all of Chung’s predictions for next year. We suggest pinning for scorekeeping.


Original Illustration by Ellie Benuska

Now scroll on for the complete Alexa Chung–directed Ugg campaign, below.

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