Bella Hadid's Airport Jeans Are So Much Cooler Than Regular Mom Jeans

Allyson Payer

Bella Hadid seems to be going through a jeans phase, and we're here for it. Hadid's latest airport outfit might be one of our favourite '90s-inspired looks from the It girl yet, and it was also one of her most simple: a mock turtleneck, mum jeans, and clunky sneakers, which she accessorised with a wide Dior belt, hoop earrings, and a Fendi tote. But this wasn't the first time Hadid has donned this exact pair of mum jeans, with their high waist, baggy legs, and slit knees. Hadid has been wearing them on repeat as of late, and it's no coincidence that they were designed by Elizabeth Sucler, who often styles Hadid and a bevy of other well-dressed models.

Sucler and throwback '90s brand Miss Sixty joined forces to create a capsule collection of modernised pieces that perfectly capture the aesthetic of that decade. The $162 Mum Jeans are clearly Hadid's new go-to pair, seeing as she's worn them for nights out, appearances, and now, the airport.

See how Hadid is styling the jeans and shop them below.

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