The Spring Staples I Always Get Compliments on Post-30

Allyson Payer

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The thing about spring weather where I live, which is also the case for much of the country, is that it's all over the place—more so than perhaps any other season of the year. You can wake up one day and it's freezing, only to find yourself faced with blaring sun in the middle of the day. And as a result, more often than not over the years, I've found myself staring at my closet in October and November thinking that I have nothing to wear. But post–age 30, I've finally wised up and made a point to invest in versatile wardrobe staples that I can layer (or wear on their own) with ease, depending on the temperature on any given day.

Sure, I could simply tell you about the spring staples a fashion editor wears post-30, but even better, I'm telling you about the spring pieces I wear that get the most compliments. Because is there anything on Earth that validates a purchase more than a few compliments, whether from your co-worker, significant other, Starbucks barista, or even Instagram followers? Not in my book.

Keep scrolling to see which staples I always get compliments on post-30, and shop them for your own well-rounded wardrobe.

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