29 Things You Can Buy if You Save $25 Each Week This Month

Allyson Payer

Saving money without some sort of structure can be difficult, especially with all the shopping temptation we're faced with on a daily basis. When you're trying to save, the thing that only makes it harder is depriving yourself. Here at Who What Wear, we're team treat yourself. That's why today we're showing you how to do it when you're on a budget, and the savings plan we came up with couldn't be easier. All you have to do is save $25 a week for the next month, and you'll have $100 to spend on whatever your heart desires. See? That wasn't so bad. Now, what to spend it on… That's where we come in again.

With the $100 savings plan in mind, we found 29 pieces that are worthy of your hard-earned Benjamin (and if you're motivated to save even more each week, feel free to add several items to cart). To add to the fun, we divided things up according to style type. So, whether you think of yourself as trendy or just want to dress like a French girl all the time, there's something for you if you just keep on scrolling. Happy shopping (and saving)!

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