Celebrity Stylists Always Recommend These Affordable Shoe Brands

Anna LaPlaca

While it's true that attaining a celeb-worthy wardrobe can quickly take you into credit card debt (hey, they have expensive taste), there are those occasional moments when celebs, too, enjoy a high-low mix. The affordable pieces we do spot them in have a tendency to sell out at nearly the speed of light, as we've seen happen over and over again with buzzy celebs whose wardrobes we stalk on the regular. Instead of waiting to see which wallet-friendly pieces they will emerge in next, we went straight to the source and asked the celebrity wardrobe stylists themselves, who are almost always behind all these It outfits.

Two of Hollywood's most prominent celebrity stylists let us in on their favourite shoe brands to dress their clients in, especially for red carpet appearances. We tapped Anita Patrickson—who regularly dresses Julianne Hough, Chanel Iman, and so many others—and Nicole Chavez, whose clients include Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson. Both Patrickson and Chavez are industry veterans and authorities on red carpet style, so when they recommend the following brands, we pay close attention.

From the everyday staple shoes to red carpet–ready heels, keep reading to discover which affordable shoe brands you can expect to see their clients wear and then heed their advice and shop our picks.

Well, the experts have spoken.

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