I'm a Zara Expert—Here's What I'm Buying This Summer

Lauren Eggertsen


Meet Lauren, Who What Wear's fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her The Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand, including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves with you.

Close all other shopping tabs because Zara has everything you need and more this summer—trust me. As a true Zara addict (and some might even say "expert"), I can humbly admit that I have an eye for the best Zara product that rolls through season after season. Maybe this is because I spend way too much time stalking the site or maybe it's because I get to see brand-new product in person at the Zara showroom here in NY, but whatever the reason, I have officially become our office's scout for the best new product offered up by the retailer. I find it on site, add to cart, shoot it for The Devils Wear Zara, and call it a day.

So what kind of affordable online shopping should you be doing at Zara this summer? Below I've mapped out the kinds of products I've been buying from Z (what Mimi and I call Zara for short) so far this season. Per usual, I am drawn to quirky accessories, bright colors, and on-trend shoes. But that's not even the half of it. Go on to shop the must-have summer items I'm coveting from Zara at this very moment.

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