4 Jewellery Trends That Are Affordable But Look Anything But

When it comes to shopping, there are two types of people: Those who like splurging on jewellery and those who would rather splurge on clothes. Those in the latter group might hold off on obtaining the latest jewellery trends because the prices are too high as soon as they hit the market or the quality of the affordable versions is quite questionable. Or you might wonder why you would drop so much money on pieces that sometimes play a secondary role when getting dressed in the morning. Whichever the reason you decide to hold off on buying new jewellery, we understand.

However, nowadays, there are plenty of trendy and affordable brands that carry all of the latest trends for a lot less and still value quality. From the seashell trend we can't get enough of and beaded jewellery that reminds us of our childhood in all the best of ways to classic pearls and gold chains that are timeless and always trendy, you can finally finish off your look with the right accessories. Talk about the best of both worlds. 

To prove that you can indeed have it all and look your best no matter your budget, we rounded up four affordable jewellery trends under $100 that will keep you in the loop and financially stable.


These affordable jewellery brands should also be on your radar. 

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