This Luxury Leather Label Takes Personalisation to the Next level

Amanda Bardas

Welcome to How It’s Made. Where we go behind the scenes with your favourite brands to find out how their designs are produced. For our next instalment, we visited luxury leather label A-ESQUE to discover what goes on behind the scenes.

It’s pretty safe to say every girl has a bit of a handbag addict—there’s something about the smell of soft, supple leather that draws you in, but it’s the delicious shapes and sizes that keep you coming back for more. Can you ever have too many? The answer is quite obviously, no.

The handbag label that’s recently hit the top of our wish lists, is A-ESQUE. The luxury leather brand launched in 2012, and in four short years, has filled a gap we didn’t even know was missing. The soft leather, and unique shapes make this label stand out—and its attention to detail, and listening to its customers is what gives this label life. A-ESQUE is doing something different, and we had to find out more.

We sat down with founder and designer of A-ESQUE, Amanda Briskin-Rettig to discover how one of its signature handbags is created, and why its personalisation service is so special. Keep scrolling to read our interview.


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