The French Fashion Girl With the Best Outfit Formula

Amanda Bardas

If you've ever been on a quest to find the perfect pair of vintage Levi's, you know it's an almost impossible task. If you're one of the lucky ones to find your match on your first try, then count your blessings. I'm still yet to find my pair, but I'll never give up. I've trawled through op-shops, tried my hand at shopping online, and worked my way through countless vintage stores, and still nothing. 

My latest girl crush, is a different story. When I stumbled upon French fashion editor and stylist, Adenorah (Anne-Laure Mais) on Instagram a few months ago, I was instantly enamored with her style. And then I figured out what it was that makes almost every outfit so screenshot-worthy. Aside from an epic collection of beautiful accessories—everything from Gucci loafers to Chanel ballet flats, Adenorah has the most impressive collection of vintage Levi's I've ever seen, further convincing me that I need a pair in my life. 

Keep scrolling to peep Adenorah in a small collection of her vintage Levi's jeans, then scroll further to shop a pair for yourself.

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