Are Astrology Naked Jeans the Next Big Denim Trend? 

Lauren Eggertsen

Naked dresses? Been there. Naked shoes? Done that. Naked denim? Now that's a trend that designer Adam Selman is on a mission to get off the ground. A few months ago, Selman released a beautiful pair of sheer rose-embroidered jeans that took the fashion community by storm. Just when we thought he couldn't top them, he dropped a similar rendition except this time, instead of roses, the jeans are covered in a stunning astrological embroidery. 

Adorned with stars, planets, and astrology signs galore, this new denim trend is essentially a work of art—one we're wanting to wear ASAP, of course. You might be wondering how one is supposed to pull off the naked denim trend, and our recommendation is simple—style the jeans with a basic T-shirt and call it a day. Combating the festive nature of the jeans with something timeless and approachable will make for the perfect fashion-girl outfit. Ready to see these incredible new naked jeans for yourself? 

Scroll down to see Adam Selman's latest pair of naked jeans. 

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