These '90s Trends Haven't Come Back Yet, But They Will


Getty Images

My nostalgia for the ‘90s has hit some kind of all-time high. I’ve covered fashion from the decade at length and all of the ways it’s returning. From the throwback bag Kendall Jenner is making popular again to Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s best ‘90s looks to trends Kate Moss put on the map during that time. But I as more and more photos from the 1990s have flooded my Instagram feed with throwback accounts like @90sanxiety, I noticed that there are some truly great fashion trends that haven’t really resurfaced like many other have.

I’m talking about everything from classic trends in the ‘90s like white sunglasses and strapless tops to more under-the-radar ones like leather blazers and leopard bags. I’ve seem small nods to these pieces at times, but they have in now way blown up like some of their popular counterparts like tiny sunglasses and strappy sandals that have defined 2018 style. I’ll be waiting to see when they explode, but think it’s only a matter of time. Ahead, ten trends from the ‘90s that I’m predicting are coming back.