This Is What an 80-Carat Engagement Ring Looks Like

We've seen a lot of engagement rings over the years here at Who What Wear Australia. In covering all the latest bridal news and trends, from dress styles to DIY décor, even those of us who aren't engaged or married have learned quite a lot about this special piece of jewellery. That's why we want you to know we are being totally honest when we tell you we have NEVER seen a diamond ring like this before. 

Thanks to the fine jewellery blog Gem Hunt and their swoon-worthy Instagram page, we came across the hugest diamond engagement ring we've seen in a long time. Scratch that—it's the hugest one ever. The emerald-cut stone is a whopping 80 carats! We can only imagine what it feels like to put a ring like that on your finger. It's nearly half the size of the model's hand and is probably pretty heavy. In any case, it's stunningly beautiful.

Keep scrolling to see the ring for yourself and shop emerald-cut diamond rings!

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