7 Ways to Make Your Interview Outfit Stand Out From the Pack

You’ve researched the company, have your resume printed, and know all your talking points, but if your outfit isn’t equally impressive, you could be missing your chance at landing the job. It’s easy to play it safe with a black blazer, white button-down, and trousers, but we recommend taking your outfit to the next level with our tips.

Scroll down to make sure you stand out at your next job interview.

Tip 1: Standout accessories are a good way to liven up more traditional interview outfit.


Peony Lim

Tip 2: Add a personalized element to your outfit.
Tip 3: If you need to keep your outfit rather corporate, show a little bit of your personality with a bolder shoe pick.
Tip 4: Wear one color from head to toe, just not black. Gray is a lovely option.


A Love Is Blind
Tip 5: So many people wear navy or black, that a bright color can leave a lasting impression.
If a bright print feels too daring, colorful solids work well too.


Style Du Monde
Tip 7: When in doubt, keep it simple. You don’t want to stand out in a bad way.


Tim Regas

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