The Most Iconic '60s Style that Looks Just as Cool Today

Dacy Knight

Fashion is constantly looking to the past for inspiration. While we circle back through the decades and throwback trends rise in favour, it's no surprise that style elements from the '60s continue to reemerge again and again, proving their staying power no matter the era. Bringing to life unexpected silhouettes, bold new colorways, and a certain sense of insouciance that still managed to be impeccably tailored and chic, '60s style served up enough sartorial inspiration to last a lifetime. 

The decade was an explosion of expression after the bottled up, pristine look of the '50s—bright colours took the main stage and the world became fascinated with the London look. Mod style made a lasting impression and everything about fashion was more artful, fun, and free. From sleek sleeveless shift dresses to oversize sunglasses to bright head-to-toe whites, we've held onto the '60s style moments that will continue to resonate today and tomorrow. 

Head below to revisit the celebrities with the most iconic '60s style that looks just as cool today.

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