Believe It or Not, The Lost City Movie Inspired These 3 Statement Looks


The Lost City

Would you believe me if I told you that I almost never watch a movie purely for its plot? Like anybody else, I'll scan a movie trailer for familiar actors and take note of how often I laugh, audibly gasp, or ooh and aah, and then I'll decide if it's a film worth watching. But of course, I also scan every trailer for the fashion. My eyes are constantly glued to the screen in search of a fashionable piece to observe and analyze. So when I saw the trailer for The Lost City, I was first drawn to co-stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, and then I immediately zeroed in on the sequined magenta jumpsuit that Bullock sports throughout the film. As we step into summer, we're going to see outfits that emulate this on-trend ensemble. I'm not ashamed to admit that seeing her rock a bold jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and four-inch pumps in the middle of the jungle drew me in.


The Lost City 

When the time came for me to sit back, relax, and enjoy The Lost City, I found myself amused by the characters' banter within the first five minutes. Loretta Sage (played by Bullock) is hesitant to go on a book tour for her latest adventure novel. Despite her discomfort, Loretta's publicist dresses her in a striking sequined jumpsuit, claiming she'll only have to wear it for two hours. Little does she know, Loretta will be wearing this look for the foreseeable future after getting kidnapped by a billionaire on the hunt for treasure. Because I refuse to be the one who spoils this comedy for you, I'll keep the plot details to a minimum. But I will focus on this movie's attention to fashion and how it impacts Loretta throughout the film. She goes from feeling insecure about her book and hating the "glitter onesie" that she's forced to wear to confidently climbing mountains and escaping her kidnappers in style. I'm all for a stylish outfit, but a look has my full support when it can impact confidence levels in the way that this piece does for Loretta. So I did what any fashion editor would do, and I drew inspo from this outfit and curated three daring outfits of my own. If you're ready to make a statement this summer, just keep scrolling. Oh, and before you start shopping, plan a cozy night to watch The Lost City at home.

Fuschia Fantasy

I'm a firm believer in the power of color. You can always count on a monochromatic approach to elevate any summer outfit, but the statement is even grander when a suit is involved. This head-to-toe fuschia number screams confidence and gives a subtle nod to what Loretta might have worn on her book tour if the sequined jumpsuit weren't an option.

Sequin Simplicity

Two words: dopamine dressing. Nothing turns heads quite like sequins, especially when they come in a lime-green shade. In The Lost City, Loretta is returning to the scene after a hiatus and needs a showstopping outfit for her debut. Of course, sequin is the material of choice. If you're looking for a way to reinvent your style or spend a night out in a bold look that sparks joy, pair a dress like this with simple accessories.

Leather Luxury

This look is a casual take on everything Loretta's outfit channels in The Lost City: an eye-catching color, sparkle, and a little bit of edge. The silver accents stay true to the sequins while feeling more subdued and appropriate for a laid-back evening.

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