6 Trends That Are "So 2018"

Anna LaPlaca

Clearly, it's not just we editors who are obsessing over all the fun trends we're seeing everywhere. You—our crazy stylish readers—are too. Though we're always trying to predict which trends are just about to blow up, the moment we know a trend has "made it" is when all of you actually start wearing it (and, of course, posting about it in your outfit photos). Thanks to our readers, we can now be completely sure that the following six items are bona fide trends.

From the It bags you're all carrying to this season's must-have top, our readers are making it known that these trends are "so 2018", meaning that they feel so current it almost hurts. What, you've never heard of fashion items being so good that they make your heart hurt? Well, you'll know exactly what we mean after seeing all the cool outfits below.

Fun fact—each of these looks came from posts that Who What Wear readers tagged us in on Instagram. Want to be featured on our site next time? Use #WhoWhatWearing on the outfit posts you want us to see and you could end up here!

Now see how our readers are taking a body-positive approach to dressing.

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