The Swimsuit Brands I Always Recommend to My Friends

Michelle Scanga

One of the perks of my job is being the go-to in my friend group when it comes to style and brand recommendations. Whether it’s where to buy the coolest jeans for the new season or the best places to buy stylish leggings, I’m always ready to share my insider recommendations. Today, I took it one step further by sharing some of my favourite swimsuit brands at the moment and offering a peek at how they look IRL (no filters, just selfies). If you're going somewhere tropical for the long weekend, you can use this as a helpful guide to kick-start your bathing suit shopping shenanigans.

From Insta-bait bikinis to under-the-radar brands like Oresee (an Italian swimwear line my co-worker Lauren and I legitimately freak over), these are the brands at the top of my list this summer. I’ll let you discover your favourite below, but if there’s one brand that surprised me the most (in the best way possible), it’s Aerie Swim. Not only did the style I tried fit great, but the price is incredibly affordable. See and shop the brands I’m recommending to my friends ahead.

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