9 Doable Ideas to Make 2017 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

Gina Marinelli

As exciting as it might be to think that come January 1 your closet will be colour-coordinated, you’ll wake up at 6 a.m. everyday to do Pilates, and your taxes will be as good as filed, that’s not exactly how resolutions work. They’re hard and take some time to see the final pay-off. But not all changes have to require heavy lifting. So in order to bring you more immediate and noticeable results when it comes to being more stylish next year, we’ve outlined nine very doable steps as seen on style stars you already know and love.

Inspired by a few daring outfits, their extensive knowledge of style, and their willingness to step a but outside the box, the ideas ahead can make a big difference in how you think about your personal style in the new year. And without much effort at all.

Check out the simple but high effective tips, below.

Can you think of any other doable tips that can transform anyone's wardrobe? Share them in the comments, below.

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