The Jeans Hailey Baldwin Can't Stop Wearing This Week

Adrianna Barrionuevo

Whether it's a '90-inspired ensemble or a bold, trendy outfit, Hailey Baldwin knows how to style her denim jackets effortlessly—and the same can be said of her pant selection. The 20-year-old model wore one pair of Frame jeans for two entirely different looks.

Baldwin casually wore the light-wash Le Original skinnies during the day a plain black T-shirt tucked into the waistband and classic Adidas sneakers on her feet. She later took her denim staple straight into the evening, cuffed hemline and all, but went full-on Canadian tuxedo in the chicest of ways. The head-to-toe blue colour palette was anchored by the skinny jeans, balanced by a sleek pair of pumps, and made a statement up top. Baldwin layered a beautiful sequin-embellished Jonathan Simkhai denim jacket over a silky crop top, offsetting the oversize silhouette. Both looks stylish, and the jeans totally lent each one its directional foundation.

Keep scrolling to see how Hailey Baldwin styled the jeans she can't stop wearing.

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