Wedding-Guest Dresses to Buy While They're on Sale

Hilary George-Parkin

So you've mailed in your RSVP, bought the gift, booked the flights, and blocked off your weekend in Google Calendar, but there's still one pesky little detail that's been nagging at you—the dress (assuming you go that route). It can be tempting to leave the question of what to wear to the last moment, but believe me: If you're going to buy a new outfit, now's the time to do so because there are some seriously good sales happening.

With retailers offloading their spring merchandise to make room for a new season, you'll find discounts of 30%, 50%, or even more at places like Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and Shopbop. So if you've had your eye on a lacy Self-Portrait number or a shimmery DVF slip, scoop it up while it's on sale—and still available in your size—and presto! One less thing to stress about.

Read on to shop dresses for every kind of wedding, all very much on sale.

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