Hurry! These 3 Unusual Trends Are Selling Out Fast

Lauren Eggertsen

Style du Monde

Want a unique perspective on what is in and what is out? So do we, which is why we reached out to Katie Smith, senior fashion and retail analyst at Edited, to give us the inside scoop on the latest trends. To our surprise, the trends she came back with are all unique from the typical styles we have been seeing this season.

“These trends bear testament to the huge shifts in the apparel industry. Digital has shaken up the traditional journey of trends, meaning things can arrive fast, accrue mass adoption quickly and avoid the clear runway-to-retail pathway. These trends remind us that fashion can be fun, frivolous, and silly while still making retailers money,” said Katie. Don’t worry—none of the styles you’re about to see are “unusual” in the unwearable sense; they are just distinct enough to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

Go on to shop the three trends that are selling out the quickest this season.

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