This Line Will Be All Over the Streets of New York in 6 Months

Gina Marinelli

It’s been nearly a year since the New York brand Trademark announced it would shift focus and dedicate itself entirely to accessories and shoes instead of ready-to-wear. And while we haven’t been holding out for a comeback of any sort (ok, we were bummed at first), we’ve only seen one collection since then with designs from the sisterly duo of Louisa and Pookie Burch. That is, until today.

With the release of its new pieces for autumn 2017, Trademark is reminding us not only why the line earned such an impressive fashion-girl following but also why it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing these designs everywhere in six months. The majority of the shoes feature an interesting and luxe embossed texture with impactful details, like a satin blow, dual-tone leather, and a subtle marabou puff. Meanwhile, the handbags have a similarly practical yet special vibe, and the sisters’ collection of statement earrings toes the perfect line between artful and appropriate for everyday wear.

It’s no surprise that the brand has created a bit of a cult status, and with a lineup that feels modern and minimal with that faint hint of eccentricity, we’re willing to follow along.

Take a look at some of our favourites new styles for Trademark’s autumn line below.

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