Your Ultimate Sandal Guide to See You Through Summer's Hottest Month

Amanda Stavropoulos

Summer might be almost over, but the heat won’t be giving up that easily. February is summer’s hottest month, which means as we move into March, it’s still warm enough to get a little more wear out of sandals, until it’s truly boot weather.

Flat shoes just won’t stop trending (and we're not complaining), so it’s a good idea to keep adding to your collection. And the best news? The local collections are all starting to go on sale to make way for autumn, and the international summer collections are trickling through now, which means you can take your pick of the freshest designs.

Keep scrolling to discover the three key styles we think are perfect for right now, and to wear in autumn. How will we be styling them when the weather cools? With cropped jeans or knitted midi skirts.

How will you be styling your sandals into autumn? Share in the comments below.

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