Is This the Most Stylish Pregnant Woman on Instagram?

Over the years, it's only natural for your personal style to change a bit. However, there's one thing that's almost guaranteed to change how you dress. We're talking about pregnancy! It's a very exciting time in a woman's life, yes, but practically speaking, you're going to have to change the clothes you put on your body when you're growing another human inside you. That's where we come in with all of our best maternity style advice.

Well, allow us to introduce you to the woman with quite possibly the best maternity style, like, ever. Fashion maven Angela Fink of The Fashion Sight is pregnant right now and she has mastered the art of styling her baby bump down to a science. Seriously—we started scrolling through her Instagram feed, and every single outfit is a hit. Whether she's wearing jeans or a dress or a flouncy top, each look strikes such a great balance between comfort and style and still stays true to her personal aesthetic. If you're anything like us, once you start scrolling, you won't be able to stop.

So, scroll on to see some of our favourite shots!


Meeting with pediatricians today. ????????????

A photo posted by Angela Fink (@thefashionsight) on


The full look.

A photo posted by Angela Fink (@thefashionsight) on


My growing #babybump

A photo posted by Angela Fink (@thefashionsight) on


Off to a @stokkebaby event @aufudge

A photo posted by Angela Fink (@thefashionsight) on


Walk the line.

A photo posted by Angela Fink (@thefashionsight) on


Oversized dresses and slippers.

A photo posted by Angela Fink (@thefashionsight) on

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