My Shopbop Account History Reveals a Lot About My Style

Amanda Stavropoulos

I remember Shopbop was one of the first online stores I purchased from—I grew up in the Sutherland Shire, and my local shopping haunts couldn't appease my growing appetite for designer wares. Suddenly, via Shopbop,I had access to pages and pages of designer labels that just didn't exist where I lived. All my spare time was spent on the couch adding to my wishlist.

I recently had the idea to go back and check out my account history (to figure out where all my money has gone over the years), and discovered more than just my spending habits. My Shopbop account history only takes me back to 2010, but it tells me a lot about my personal style, and acts as a representation of where I've been at different points over the last few years.

I opened up my iCal, and took a walk down memory lane via my Shopbop history. Keep scrolling.

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