Olivia Palermo on What Makes an Article of Clothing Look Expensive

Nicole Kliest

Every so often the fashion collaboration stars align and you get a collection so good, so perfect, that you wonder what your closets were like before it arrived. Such is the case with Olivia Palermo’s latest project with in-house Nordstrom label Chelsea28.

Tomorrow, the entrepreneur, model, style icon, and designer will release a 32-piece collection that ranges from a bold pajama set in a poppy floral print to a tailored denim jumpsuit you won’t want to take off. The best part? It’s a yearlong deal, so there’s more to come.

We caught up with Palermo in New York to preview the stylish assortment (prices range from $68 to $448 USD). Scroll down to see what she had to say about the collection—including what makes a clothing piece look expensive!

Tell us what you think of the collection in the comments below, and if you need to do a little OP-inspired shopping before February 9, shop the #1 accessory that ties together ALL of her looks.

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