The 3 Most Popular Bridesmaid Dresses on GlamCorner

Amanda Stavropoulos

What did we do for last-minute occasion dressing before sites like GlamCorner and DressedUp launched? If you’re not familiar with them, they’re some of Australia’s biggest dress rental websites where you can find designer outfits for a fraction of the retail price. Keep in mind they’re not yours to keep, only to loan for a few days, but how many times have you actually worn that $500 dress you bought at the last minute and convinced yourself you’d wear repeatedly? Or what about that bridesmaid dress you thought could double-up as a ‘going out’ dress but hasn’t seen the light of day since you walked down the aisle?

This is exactly why sites like GlamCorner are seeing a huge surge in popularity for spring racing, weddings, and bridesmaid dresses. It makes perfect sense to source a one-time-only statement dress and not pay the equivalent of a week’s rent for it (I used GlamCorner for a wedding last week, and let me tell you, life = changed forever).

We love numbers and data here, so we asked GlamCorner to tell us the three most popular bridesmaid dresses on the site right now—the ones that are getting re-booked quickly and often.

Keep scrolling to find out what they are, and what co-founder Audrey Khaing-Jones has discovered about our shopping habits.

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